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deffox ([personal profile] deffox) wrote2017-04-17 10:08 pm

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I can't type anything in Twitter. I was about to tweet something, then found I couldn't say it in 140 characters. That always happens. Usually I waste 15 minutes trying to figure out how to rephrase it, or break down and post two tweets. Since they accept multiple photos in a tweet it's past time they dropped that stupid limit.

I was trying to use a chainsaw today to cut down a dead tree at my parents' place. I couldn't get the chain to move. I pushed the safety brake forward to no effect. Then I completely tore the chainsaw down to find the problem. The problem ended up being that I didn't push the brake forward hard enough. I thought the resistance was as far as the brake lever went, but I had to push through the resistance to actually release the brake.

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